Stressed out? Forget the stress, enjoy your holiday!


Holidays are meant to be joyful things, something we save up for and are meant to enjoy from the second we leave the house, to the moment we return. Unfortunately there is one pesky thing that can prevent us from enjoying at least the first part of our break, which goes by the name of ‘stress’.

Holiday stress can ruin the first few days of a holiday, and if it causes arguments, can actually ruin the whole thing. It’s hard to be totally Zen about travelling, especially if you’re not used to it, but if you can identify ways to at least reduce worries and stress, then you’re giving yourself a fighting chance.

A good way to cut out travel stress is to drive yourself to the airport and park up, because at least that way the control is in your hands. Stress generally comes from having to rely on others and having to put your faith in the unknown, so if you’re getting there yourself, on your own steam, then you don’t have this problem. I regularly book my airport parking though ParkBCP, and the double whammy is that not only does it save on my stress levels, but it also saves me money too. You won’t struggle to find a service at whichever airport you’re flying from, whether major or regional. I often book Heathrow parking terminal 5 when I’m flying from the capital, and find this helps my pocket and stress levels no end.

If you arrive at the check in desk less stressed out, then you’re creating a calmer foundation to build on. There will inevitably be a time when you get a little bad tempered at some stage during your travel day, it’s just the way it is, but the important thing is the degree of how bad this gets. Focusing on your destination should help calm the stress levels, but if you’re travelling with children then it’s more important than ever to try and stay calm, to stop your stress from transferring to them. Tantrums are no fun!

Despite all this talk of just chilling out, some people find it impossible to do so, mainly because of a fear of flying. If this is you, it’s important to visit your doctor and get some help. There are ways this can be reduced, and nobody need suffer in silence. Your holidays shouldn’t be ruined by a fear that is a lot more common than you may realise.

Enjoy your holidays and drag every last second out of them, don’t let stress win.

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