Portugal tourist attraction

Things to do in Portugal

Europe’s one of the most visited country is Portugal. It is located on Iberian peninsula’s  western coast. It has favorable climatic conditions, great tourist attraction places and is pretty affordable. Starting from the vineyards to the verdant mountains, you can also see glamorous beaches and archipelagos of Madeira and Azores which has beautiful gardens with flowers and landscapes, making it one of the best holiday destinations. To make your trip easy, we have ranked the Portugal tourist attraction.

Portugal tourist attraction


The capital of Portugal is the best Portugal Tourist Attraction. It stretches along Tagus River’s bank near the Atlantic Ocean. There are seven steep hills with quaint shops, alluring alleys, Gothic cathedrals, colorful neighborhoods, impressive bridges and traditional fado music. The weather is warm and very enchanting. The oldest district in the city is Moorish quarter which is pretty old called Alfama. It is one of the mesmerizing spots due to the maze of the streets made of cobblestone, St. George’s Castle and the rustic architecture. You can take any of the vintage trams like Tram 28 and visit the gardens, historic quarters and the main Portugal Tourist Attraction places.

Portugal tourist attraction


This Portugal Tourist Attraction place has a sunny Mediterranean climate, picturesque towns, gorgeous beaches, historic sites and at affordable costs, you can have your fabulous cuisine.  You can see traditional whitewashed villages, olive groves which have tranquil landscapes, the wild coast that has dramatic cliffs and summer resorts in it. Lagos have an amazing nightlife and don’t miss visiting Silves that has orange groves in loops and red sandstone castle. You can also see Renaissance bridges, monuments, and castles in this elegant town.

Portugal tourist attraction


An old fortified wall surrounds this Portugal Tourist Attraction place which is situated on the hilltop of western Portugal’s central region. The historic center and magnificent castle of the medieval times make Obidos so popular. The streets are narrow and made of cobblestones. It has quaint shops, amazing cafes, and whitewashed houses which has colorful flowers on the balcony. The castle itself has huge gates, commanding edifice, and battlements and towers.

Portugal tourist attraction


If you want to have a view of verdant hills, royal retreats, pretty villas,  castles and beautiful palaces, welcome to this Portugal Tourist Attraction place. The Pena’s Palace is an amazing palace that has memories of Neuschwanstein of Germany. It has forested parklands in its surroundings which have plants, exotic trees and flowers. Don’t miss a visit to Castle of the Moors and Monserrate Palace that has beautiful tropical gardens.


This Portugal Tourist Attraction is also known as “Floating Garden of the Atlantic which has flower gardens, lush green landscapes, and wines. Laurissilva Forest has the largest laurel concentration in the world. Orchid Garden is also one of the most popular Portugal Tourist Attraction places. The capital of Madeira is Funchal and has fortresses, historic churches, restaurants,  tourist resorts and Lido Promenade, with amazing ocean views.

Portugal tourist attraction


You must have heard this Portugal Tourist Attraction which is famous for fine port wine. The pedestrian zone is calm and charming with the river place buzzing in great live music, restaurants, cafes.

Portugal tourist attraction

sightseeing Paris

Top 10 Things to Do In Paris

The capital of France, Paris is one of the most amazing holiday destination ideas in Europe. It is the global center for fashion, art, culture, and gastronomy. From the world-famous Eiffel Tower to  Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre and Notre-Dame and the Luxembourg Gardens you just can’t miss anything in this amazing city. You will want to go shopping, sightseeing Paris, museum-touring, district-exploring, cemetery-perusing as well as opera-attending. To make sure, you don’t miss anything, we have ranked things to do in Paris.

sightseeing Paris

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Time – 2 hours to Half Day

sightseeing Paris

It is one of the most iconic sightseeing Paris places in Paris. It is located towards the right of River Seine. It is a Gothic masterpiece and one of the best cathedrals of the Gothic architecture. There are carved structures in the front entrance of the cathedral. There is an ornate flying buttress in the back side of the cathedral.

 Musee du Louvre

Time – Half Day to Full Day

sightseeing Paris

The museum of Musee du Louvre should be in the list of must-visit sightseeing Paris places. Some of the masterpieces are like “The Raft of Medusa” – Théodore Géricault, “Liberty of Leading the People” – Eugene Delacroix, “Mona Lisa” – Leonardo da Vinci which is the main attraction.

Eiffel Tower

Time to Spend – 1 to 2 hours

sightseeing Paris

How can this be not included in the list of sightseeing Paris places? Eiffel tower was one of those temporary structures which were meant to be forever. It has got transmission talents like with flying colors the towers used to pass. You can have amazing panoramic views of Paris from the top. You can also have a trek during the night.

Le Marais

Time – 2 hours to Half Day

sightseeing Paris

It is one of the coolest and oldest districts in Paris. The stately stone architecture, cobblestone streets, and tucked away courtyards give a feeling of the medieval Paris. The nightlife is vibrant and there are chic boutiques. There are numerous shopping centers and art galleries. You can also see a lot of museums like  National Archives of France, the Centre Pompidou, Musée des Arts et Metiers etc. Just walk around the street for an amazing experience of sightseeing Paris.

Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre

Time – 2 hours to Half Day

It is a like a white castle and the domes are made of ornate ivory. There are panoramic views of the city which can be seen from the top of the staircase of Sacré-Coeur. The interior of the church has amazing designs which are a must sightseeing Paris places.

 Musee d’Orsay

Time – 2 hours to Half Day

sightseeing Paris

Yet another sightseeing Paris places where you can see paintings of Van Gogh, Monet, Degas etc. There are a lot of amazing sculptures, furniture displays, and photographs in the museum.

Luxembourg Gardens

Time – 1 to 2 hours

If you want to relax a day, this is the sightseeing Paris place. Soak in the sun, watch people in the warm-weather of the oasis.

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Elegant, Exciting, Europe

europeIf you are looking for somewhere different to go to on vacation and want to visit Europe, you do not have to go with the flow and book tickets to all of the usual suspects. Of course, Rome, Paris, London, Madrid and Athens are great cities to explore but Europe holds so many more gems that could be experienced.

Many places in Eastern Europe are not yet as popular with holiday makers so get in there and discover the charms of Estonia, and Croatia. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital offers an amazing insight into the country’s history and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a must, as is the old KGB headquarters, which remind the locals of the Soviet regime.

Many Estonians were held here and either shot or sent to Siberia to work in the salt mines.  Looking at the building may send shivers up your spine as it has an aura of darkness about it, with its bricked up windows and unkempt exterior.  Plitvice in Croatia is just on the verge of becoming a popular destination, especially for those seeking a nature lover’s paradise. This is Croatia’s biggest national park and has many different coloured lakes that merge and cascade into each other.  It really is a stunning experience and well worth a visit.

Croatia also has brilliant beaches for those who prefer to laze in the sun.  For hotter places, try Porto in Portugal.  It is less expensive than Lisbon and has not reached the kind of status that will have you struggling to find people born and bred here.  This is an excellent choice for wine buffs as the Douro region is nearby and when you visit, you will be able to witness grapes being trodden by foot!  There is also a harbour where fresh fish can be purchased and where boats can be hired.