sightseeing Paris

Top 10 Things to Do In Paris

The capital of France, Paris is one of the most amazing holiday destination ideas in Europe. It is the global center for fashion, art, culture, and gastronomy. From the world-famous Eiffel Tower to  Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre and Notre-Dame and the Luxembourg Gardens you just can’t miss anything in this amazing city. You will want to go shopping, sightseeing Paris, museum-touring, district-exploring, cemetery-perusing as well as opera-attending. To make sure, you don’t miss anything, we have ranked things to do in Paris.

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Lesser Known Ancient Ruins in Europe

Europe has a rich history that dates back millennia. This isn’t history that may be adequately coated by a visit to Stonehenge or a handful of other ruins. To really explore the history of the land, you would like to induce off the beaten track and look where no one else is looking. Below is the list of the lesser known ancient ruins in Europe. Read more

Most Beautiful Places to Enjoy Solitude

Solitude isn’t loneliness, that is what feel when we wish company around us and don’t have it. Solitude is chosen. It’s however we recover connection our spirit that we lose in the rush of everyday life. Solitude offers us a breather, taking us away from the chatter and rush and obligations that may typically inundate us. It exists when we spend time with our inner self in an exceedingly serene place. That may be a place of meditation, a walk in the woods, a retreat we attend, a sudden decision to take a drive in our car without a specific destination, or sitting somewhere near a body of water. In each of those ways in which we can become more connected to the natural world around us, which is eternally present. We can watch leaves blow in the wind on a summer’s day, or waves falling gently on the shore, or visit a museum in the town on a rainy afternoon. Read more

Elegant, Exciting, Europe

europeIf you are looking for somewhere different to go to on vacation and want to visit Europe, you do not have to go with the flow and book tickets to all of the usual suspects. Of course, Rome, Paris, London, Madrid and Athens are great cities to explore but Europe holds so many more gems that could be experienced.

Many places in Eastern Europe are not yet as popular with holiday makers so get in there and discover the charms of Estonia, and Croatia. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital offers an amazing insight into the country’s history and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a must, as is the old KGB headquarters, which remind the locals of the Soviet regime.

Many Estonians were held here and either shot or sent to Siberia to work in the salt mines.  Looking at the building may send shivers up your spine as it has an aura of darkness about it, with its bricked up windows and unkempt exterior.  Plitvice in Croatia is just on the verge of becoming a popular destination, especially for those seeking a nature lover’s paradise. This is Croatia’s biggest national park and has many different coloured lakes that merge and cascade into each other.  It really is a stunning experience and well worth a visit.

Croatia also has brilliant beaches for those who prefer to laze in the sun.  For hotter places, try Porto in Portugal.  It is less expensive than Lisbon and has not reached the kind of status that will have you struggling to find people born and bred here.  This is an excellent choice for wine buffs as the Douro region is nearby and when you visit, you will be able to witness grapes being trodden by foot!  There is also a harbour where fresh fish can be purchased and where boats can be hired.