The areas of Manhattan – Downtown


Downtown Manhattan is the heart of New York City and is a part of the city with so much frantic activity and pace. Downtown is less posh than uptown, less regal and immaculate than midtown and down right cool with bohemian parts of town and cutting edge night life.  Unlike the rest of the Island down town no longer operates on a grid system instead adopting a more European amalgamation of streets going all over the place. The areas of Downtown Manhattan are.

SoHo and NoHo

SoHo And NoHo refers to being south of Houson Street and NoHo North of Houston street. Soho has great shopping and good restaurants while NoHO also has trendy bars and restaurants. Both places are good to head out for dinner and drinks.

Greenwich Village and Chelsea

North of SoHo is Greenwich Village which still maintains is cool laid back bohemian style that it has come to be known for. A little further North is Chelsea which is priced down enough that a number of up and coming art galleries are located here. Chelsea is also the center of the gay community.


Tribeca stands for the Triangle below Cannal street and is best known for actor Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival. Also a number of former warehouses are now being rebranded and used as studio spaces, art galleries, and kick ass loft apartments.

China Town and Little Italy 

In the middle of downtown is an ever shrinking little Italy. Being jettisoned are the older world feel restaurants for more trending dining establishments. With that said however Mulberry Street still embraces traditional cuisine. To the east of Little Italy China Town has one of the largest Chinese immigrant communities anywhere outside of China. The area is filled with many authentic Chinese restaurants such as Joe’s Shanghai.

East Village and Lower East Side

The east village is becoming more fun filled and bohemian especially when it is compared to its neighboring district of the Lower East Side that has many more upscale restaurants and bars.

Financial District

In the southern part of Manhattan is the financial district the place where you can find ground zero the site of the World Trade Center as well as the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street. A plethora of activity during the day the district clears out after work hours. It suggested coming here to at least get a look at the Statue of Liberty.

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