The Most Multicultural Cities in The World


Cities of diverse cultures have increased in number nowadays. With Canada as the origin of multicultural awareness, this cultural mosaic was rapidly adopted as an official national policy by most member-states of the European Union where some nation-states such as America, Africa and Asia are already culturally diverse and are ‘multicultural’ in a descriptive sense. Below is a lineup of open cities inhabited by different races from all over the world.

Canada’s financial capital city, Toronto was named as “the most diverse city in the world” with over six million metropolitan residents, almost exactly half born outside Canada. Boasting more than 32,000 hotel rooms, three Chinatowns, two hefty neighborhood of the East Indian nation, the largest Italian population outside of Italy, Toronto is considered as one of the fastest growing among the G7 nations. Having an impressive skyline and wonderful attractions, the place is one of the world’s most safe cities to live where you can freely walk around the downtown any time. Finding a nice, affordable hotel in Toronto will be easy and worth the stay. Its diverse culture is reflected in the numerous restaurants and shops covering almost every country in the world. A top-class city, it is very alive and wrapped with great work opportunities.

Melbourne is being resided by people coming from more than 200 nations making it one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Rated as a place of high standard living, it has been ranked as “the world’s most liveable city” by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) taking into account the important factors such as infrastructure, culture and environment, stability, healthcare, and education. What adds to the city’s brand of quality life is the Melbournians’ innate culture that is open to foreign ideas and positive outlook towards globalization. A place filled with exceptional restaurants inspired by different ethnicity and one of the homes of the best art galleries, Melbourne is also known as a place offering many high quality schools and universities renowned internationally.

Cape Town of South Africa is also noted for its diverse culture being the second largest city therein. This place is highlighted by rugged scenery of Table Mountain, an eye-catching natural spot that has made its way to the Seven Wonders of the World. A place of visual harmony and cosmopolitan atmosphere, this city is known for its award-winning wine farms of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. A good place for adventure and social interaction, Cape Town has various ranges of great attractions, spectacular sights and fun activities to offer its visitors. A well-developed place in the land of Africa, the town extends its openness to almost all the races in the world.

Considered as one of the Australia’s most expensive cities to live, Sydney also belongs to the multicultural cities in the world. Having great and remarkable historic sites and museums, the place is one of the busiest centers in Asia- Pacific. With endless fine restaurants and bars, Sydney also showcases boutiques of talented designers all over the world and filled with the high class shopping malls. A place of modern infrastructures, Sydney also brags its wildlife and natural scenery right in the heart of the city and in the outskirts of town.

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