The Positives of Going to London


So you`re considering taking a trip to London, England and seeing what all the fuss is about? Good idea, as this world city if teeming with positives. The vibe, the style, and the energy are the positives that will make a decision to come visit here well worth while. Considering in this blog, the positive reasons you should come here are some reasons.

blog metteThe London vibe 

Outside of New York City and Tokyo there aren`t other cities that truly can wear the moniker world city and London is one such place that can. Literally wearing the visages of England’s colonial past there are so many different kinds of people that call this city home. People come to live in London from the world over and it is this diversity that makes London into one of the most stylish and cosmopolitan cities in the world. A walk along Oxford Street will show this or any trips to London’s fantastic areas such as Richmond, Clapham, Camden, Shoreditch, Kensington…

Great pubs

With the exception of possibly Irish too enjoying London pub culture is really an experience. The true dwellers inside a pub on a rainy day there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy the pub in London. A great thing about the city is the after work drink, so if you are anywhere near any of the true thoroughfares stations in the city like Waterlou or Victoria you can grab in a seat in the pub and watch the legions finishing work do the same. Leading into the final point there truly is a pub for everyone.

Every scene you can imagine 

The great thing about a world city like this is that what ever you are into cultural there is an existing scene for it. This means that with some research online you can find a bar or club that caters to your taste. If you are a bit gothic and alternative the scene down in Camden will intrigue you. The London chic will head into the winding streets of Soho to find bars that they like. Theatre goers will cram them selves into central London`s west end in and around covenant garden. Hipsters will get themselves out to the cities re-emerging east end down at Shoreditch and Bricklane. All I`m saying is that it’s all here. Other cities lack style or sub cultures but London is not one of them.

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