The World’s Craziest Figures and Statues

Throughout the history of the world, there have been some pretty ridiculous figures created. Some of them make sense while others make you go ‘what were they thinking?’ But the great thing is, someone did and we all get to judge them for it.

Below is a list of what could very well be the most ridiculous statues or figures ever created by people. Some were destroyed long ago, while others exist in some form to this day. If you’re looking for inspiration for a vacation, why not base it around one of these crazy things and go from there!

Reclining Buddha 

Where: Bankok, Thailand (and many other places)

How can you make one of the world’s most chill deities even more relaxed? Have him lying down, of course! While there a quite a few reclining Buddha statues, the one that takes the cake is the one at Wat Pho in Bangkok, as the building that houses it is ridiculously big and ornate – plus it’s golden! It’s pretty much impossible to get the whole Buddha into a picture clearly (it is 15m high and 43m long after all) but you’re more than welcome to try!

Moai (aka Giant Heads)

Where: Easter Island

Everyone knows these heads even if they have no idea their actual name, where Easter Island is or that they have bodies as well! Located in the South Pacific and controlled now by Chile, Easter Island was home to a culture of Polynesian Island hoppers who built these giant statues… pretty much everywhere. Most of them are still in the quarry from which they originated, awaiting transport that never came. For you see, while it’s not entirely clear what happened (as it was over 500 years ago), what we think happened is their society collapsed partially due to the obsession with creating the Moai and cutting down all the trees on the tiny island. The good news is, you can still visit this site if you wish and marvel at the insanity of it all.

Terracotta Army

Where: Xian, China (some travel on exhibitions)

Back in the day of Chinese emperors, and I’m talking WAY back to the first one, it was cool for deceased leaders to be buried with ‘subjects’ to rule. Because dead emperors get bored and have no reason to, uh, be dead, if the don’t have someone to boss around – even if they are made of clay. Nobody had a clue they existed until the pit they resided in was uncovered in 1974 by some farmers. Now you can see some of them on travelling exhibits that tour the world or by travelling to China and checking out the site for yourself (just kidding – you’re not allowed in).

Hanging Rhino

Where: Potsdam, Germany

This one gets a shout out because… well… it’s awesome. Well done.


The Colossus of Rhodes

Where: Rhodes, Greece… 2200 years ago

This thing didn’t stand too long, perhaps to mark the hubris of the designers, but when it did it was impressive enough to make it onto the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. Built to mark the victory of Rhodes over Cyprus, the giant statue of the god Helios was 30m high, supposedly straddled the port of Rhodes… and only stood for a few decades before an earthquake brought it down in 226 BC. That being said… who knows if it actually existed as we think it did, but even still – freaking crazy!

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