More Things to Do in Melbourne

11242_824715721501_6504373_nRated annually as one of the world’s most livable city, Melbourne has lots of things going on. There’s shopping, plenty of cool parts of town to grab a coffee or drink in, and great opportunities to see some of the unique Australian wildlife. Buzz words associated with Melbourne include: artistic, stylish, and cosmopolitan. When you are in the city for any length of time you soon will find out why these words were chosen. More things to do in Melbourne include:

Melbourne Central 

LaTrobe and Swanston streets | Melbourne, Australia |

Melbourne Central is a massive shopping complex built atop the city’s central train station. Inside is a wide range of different shops including high end clothiers such as Calvin Klein and Prada as well as Australian retailers such as Cocolatte. Open 7 days a week from 10 am till 6 pm, with the dining hall open from 7 am till 8 pm, visitors swarm to Melbourne central daily. There are also certain bars and restaurants that stay open late in the complex, including some great Sushi and Indian choices. Be sure to have your camera with you to snap some photos of the mall’s architecturally complex calling card: Shot Tower Square with its red brick tower and contemporary cone.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

K Road | Melbourne (Werribee), Australia |

 What makes the Werribee Open Range Zoo unique is that it actually provides an African style safari experience. Though there are some traditional zoo exhibits, what visitors to the zoo rave about are the opportunities to jump aboard a safari vehicle and drive through the zoos expansive grounds amongst bison, zebras, giraffes, hippos and kangaroos. The Werribee Zoo is open each day from 9 am to 5 pm and costs $25.40 for adults entrance.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Brunton Avenue | Melbourne, Australia |

A great way to soak in a taste of the Australian sporting culture is to head to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch some of the sports they love down under. A sporting mad nation if there ever was one an Australian Rules Football game can draw upwards of a 100,000 fans and makes for an uproarious environment. This world class facility also hosts rugby and cricket matches. If you are not there at the right time to see a match there are also tours of the Melbourne Cricket Ground available too.

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