Things not to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a dazzling city with so much to do. There is something for everyone here regardless of if this is your first for forty-first time! The following list will just discuss a couple things not to do, as to maximize the fun you will have here. The list just talks about a few ways to save your money, and a couple safety tips as there are a few pressing dangers a foot in Barcelona.


Don’t Feel that you have to go inside Sagrada Famillia. 

Now if you didn’t see Sagrada Famillia while in Barcelona that would be outrage. However, there is caveat to that statement – you need to see it from the outside not particularly the inside. Thankfully for you too doing that is free. What you don’t need to do is pay 12 Euros to go inside of what is basically a big construction site.

Don’t eat on Las Ramblas Street 

Though there are many restaurants and tapas bars screaming out to you while you are on this festive strip don’t succumb to them. The food here is not even always authentically Spanish and what is worse is that you could head two streets over and get better quality food for less. Las Ramblas has its definite charms, but when it comes to food it is a rip off to be avoided.

Don’t be to conspicuous or touristy

Sad to say this in such a wonderful city, but there is a really danger of thievery and pick pocketing in particular on Las Ramblas street. Basically despite all the sounds, excitements and intrigues going on around you carrying your camera around your neck may not be such a good idea. Best is to blend in as best as you can so not to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Don’t just snap photos of the Las Ramblas human statues without paying

We know there are many human statues competing with each other, but still these are people trying their best to earn their living. News alert, they actually aren’t real statues you can just snap a photo of as you like. The basic idea is, if you take a picture of a human statue you contribute to their hat, jar, or open guitar case full of coins.

Don’t Mistake Girona or Reus for Barcelona Airport

Just as a heads up when you fly to Barcelona Girona or Barcelona Reus – probably on Ryan Air or Easy Jet – remember that both of these air ports, which actually are separate cities, are about an hour away Barcelona. If you want to avoid this inconvenience you will need to be sure to fly directly to Barcelona airport.

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