Things to do in Rio De Janiero

One of the most exotic and enticing locations in South America is Rio de Janeiro. Home to the yearly carnival – a wild, exuberant party that initially began as a pre Lent celebration but has morphed into a full on celebration of life – as well as plenty of fantastic beaches and great street life, there is much to see and do on a visit to Rio. Whatever your preference for spending time in a foreign city, Rio will provide an answer for you. A few things to do in Rio include:

 grumari-fotoGrumari Beach 

Sun seekers will not be disappointed heading to the beautiful and exotic mixture of white and red sand beaches of Grumari Beach. Without nearly the high tourist numbers of Copancana or Ipanema Grumari Beach,  Grumari Beach provides a more intimate experience for vacationers. Near the beach are all the amenities’ you might expect such as luxurious hotels, beachfront restaurants and plenty of fun bars. Be ready for about an hours trip outside of Rio to get here, but the journey will be worth it to enjoy the most pristine of beaches in brazil.

 Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado

Tijuca Forest National Park | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The iconic image of Rio De Janeiro is definitely the Christ the Redeemer statue standing high above the city atop of Corcovado Mountain. With the statue standing 125 feet tall on the 2,330 feet elevation of Corcovado Mountain the Reedemer is visible from all over the city and stands steward for all those in Rio. The concept for the statue dates back to 1921 as a means to celebrate Brazilian independence. In 1931 the Christ the Reedemer statue was placed on Corcovado, immediately garnering worldwide attention as the world’s tallest art-deco sculpture and statue.  Coming to see the Redeemer itself is only part of the experience as views from atop Mount Corcovado are breathtaking and provide a panoramic view over the city. Reaching Christ the Redeemer can be done by walking the Parqye Lage hiking trail which while proving a great escape into nature is also a grueling hike, or taking the train to Cosme Vehlo Station.

Santa Teresa

Praca Pres. Aguirre Cerda | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the coolest places in Rio to hangout, do some shopping and go to a few bars is the Santa Teresa district. Known for its varied architecture, eclectic art scene and rolling hills this area is a must see when you visit Rio. Santa Teresa is the perfect location for doing some people watching and shopping for authentically Brazilian gifts. If you are looking for a meal, there are several traditional Brazilian restaurants to be found in this area as well as thriving nightlife.

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