Things to See and Do in Greenland

Visit Nuuk

Nuuk is Greenland’s capital city and the world’s northernmost capital city, quite recently demolishing Reykjavik by a couple of kilometers. Nuuk is likewise one of the littlest capital urban communities by populace, with around 16,500 tenants. Nuuk has a long history, in any case, going back to around 2200 BC. It has been occupied by different Inuit people groups, including the Dorset culture and the Thule, and in addition the Norse and in the long run the Danish. It was the Danes that established the cutting edge city. Nuuk is arranged on a fjord, with a mountain as the scenery, making the city grand whenever of year. Nuuk is the social focus of Greenland, with historical centers and legacy structures, too settings for shows, gatherings and presentations. Nuuk is likewise the middle for expert games. The Greenland National Museum is situated in the city.

Investigate an Abandoned Village

Greenland has various locales that have been either deserted or worked over top of; numerous cutting edge groups sit on remnants or exceptionally close to previous settlements. The Norse vestiges are great cases of this; Sandnaes and Dyrnaes, for instance, are only a couple of kilometers from present day groups. Another great case is Kangeq, a deserted angling town close Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. It is situated on a little island, which was likewise the site of the main Danish settlement in Greenland, in the vicinity of 1721 and 1728. In 1728, the Danish settlement was moved to the territory. Kangeq has been a vital site for the Inuit people groups of Greenland for a huge number of years; the Thule individuals settled there and Kangeq worked as a conventional angling town until the 1970s. The town has been utilized as a remain in for 1950s Nuuk, and the vestiges are at times gone to by sightseers.

Encounter Traditional Cuisine

You’ve taken a canine sled trip or a watercraft trip and heard customary Greenlandic stories. You’ve investigated both Inuit towns and Norse settlements. You’ve even observed Greenlandic workmanship and history at Nuuk’s historical centers. In any case, there’s something else entirely to Greenlandic culture yet—have you attempted the conventional tastes? Suaasat, a conventional soup regularly produced using seal, is viewed as Greenland’s national dish. Meat and fish are staples in most Greenlandic suppers, with reindeer meat being the most famous nourishment. Berry compotes, frequently made of blueberries and crowberries, are basic backups. After supper, appreciate some Greenlandic espresso, a heavy drinker mix that is determined to flame before serving. Lager is another well known drink; attempt the ice lager, which is made with 2,000-year-old Arctic ice water, blended by the Godthaab Bryghus and the Icefiord Bryghus.

Partake in a Festival

Albeit the vast majority of the number of inhabitants in Greenland is Christian, Greenlandic culture has been vigorously impacted by customary Inuit convictions, which are across the board even today. In numerous remote groups, Greenlanders still practice their conventions and religion. Numerous in Southern Greenland praise national occasions and Christian celebrations utilizing customary Inuit ensembles, music and moving. In the late spring, Greenland praises its National Day, which is additionally the longest day of the year. The festivals are both an outflow of national personality and of respecting the short summer in the nation. Many individuals wear conventional outfits, and a lot of singing and moving are on the motivation. In the winter, Greenlanders commend the arrival of the sun after the long polar night, commonly in mid-January. In December, they observe Christmas, albeit Christian customs are blended with articulations of Inuit culture and personality.

Go Kayaking

The Thule individuals touched base in Greenland a large number of years back and they carried with them 2 methods of transportation: the puppy sled and the kayak. Since that time, kayaking has been a vital piece of Inuit culture, and numerous Greenlanders still utilize kayaks just to get around. In case you’re not up for bringing a pontoon trip with another person guiding the vessel, a kayak enterprise is exactly what the specialist requested. Lease a kayak and take off into one of the numerous fjords and bayous. Demonstrate your challenging by exploring through fields of ice sheets or paddling with the whales as they swim by in the late spring waters. Take your kayaking visit to hard-to-achieve regions, for example, the sheer bluffs utilized by settling seabirds. Get some information about purposes of enthusiasm; there might be waterfalls, ruins or even a hawk’s home close-by.

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