Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

By all account Boulder is one of the most beautiful cities in America. With utterly fantastic mountainous scenery the city has been called 25 miles surrounded by reality. The allure of Boulder is nothing new, Jack Kerouac wrote about its effortless cool in his seminal book “On the Road.” When you finally get yourself to Boulder there are lots of things to do. Here are a few suggestions.

Plop yourself down at a Boulder Cafe 

Flanked by mountains on all sides it easy to see why sitting in an outdoor cafe could be a nice experience in Boulder. A few great suggestions for enjoying Boulders famous cafes are to visit the Trident, which is Boulders original cafe, or several other around town like: Tee & Cakes, Atlas, Innisfree, Espressoria, Folsom Street Coffee, and the Laughing Coat. As Boulder is walk able, you can walk to all of these cafes.

Colorado-Winter-FantasyPartake in one of Boulders world famous hikes

Again nestled the Rocky Mountains walking just outside of the city’s center can lead you on fantastic journeys into nature. Boulder is surrounded by 100’s of miles of open space and fresh air. Take on the mental recharge of nature from a quick sojorn into her bounty. Some good options for a hike include following the Sanitas, Flagstaff, and Chautauqua trails all of which are easily assessable.

Wander town and visit some of Boulders book stores and yoga studios 

Wander some of the quaint streets around Boulder and find some of its interesting shops. While sipping coffee in the Trident Cafe also check out its adjoining book store. A few other great independent book sellers include Beat book store and the red letter. In another vein Boulder is also famous for its numerous yoga studios. Perhaps visiting the Yoga Workshop to study from world renowned Yoga expert Richard Freeman is the experience you want. Other Yoga studios of note include the Yoga Pod, Om Time, Corepower, and even free yoga at Prana.

Visit the Farmers’ Market 

Each Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning check out the farmers’ market. In a town as healthy as Boulder each session of the market provides a great opportunity for people watching as the varied people around Boulder come out to purchase their organic vegetables. On a practical level for you, it’s a great opportunity to load up on wholesome foods and snacks as well as to enjoy varied food stalls for a great lunch.

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