Things to Do in Chicago



Chicago is a great place to visit for people all over the world, offering the best of what America has to offer with its own distinct feel you cannot find anywhere else. From sports teams to food, shopping to history, you won’t be short on things to enjoy in the Windy City and you definitely will want to make a return trip.

There are many ways to get to Chicago, making it an ideal hub for seeing the rest of America or as a stand alone holiday. You can drive here via the interstate system, take a train for the scenic route, hop on a commercial jet or hire charter flights from Chicago, as it is home to one of the most connected airports in the world, O’Hare International Airport. Simply put, all route lead to Chicago!

Here are a few of the amazing things to do in this vibrant city:

Chicago_the-beanMarvel at Millennium Park

First on the list is one of the newest attractions to Chicago, (particularly in comparison to some of the much older mainstays) which is home to outdoor concerts and performances that are quite often totally free. In addition, the Cloud Gate – more commonly known as ‘The Bean’ – can’t be missed. It’s a giant stainless steel piece of art that appears completely seamless and attracts viewers from all around to just stand back and take it all in. You have to see it for yourself!

Wander the Navy Pier

You could spend an entire day at the Navy Pier and not run out of things to do – you’d even forget you were in Chicago! From shopping to dining, gardens and parks to attractions and the waterfront itself, this is one of Chicago’s best known attractions. If you’re there when the weather is favorable, such as the summer months, don’t be surprised if you see the sky light up with fireworks behind the carousel and ferris wheel.

Take in the Art Institute of Chicago

Art lovers will want to head here to view some of the most famous pieces of art the world over and through time. It’s a more laid back and relaxing pace that makes for a great break between the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stroll the Magnificent Mile

It would almost be sacrilege to come to Chicago and not visit the Magnificent Mile, home to some of Chicago’s best known sights and historical attractions. From great architecture to shopping and dining, this mile long stretch of road on Michigan Avenue draws visitors from all over and it doesn’t disappoint!

Make it Your Own

Just like with any city you visit, it’s important to make it fit what you like while trying something new. Maybe it’s the deep dish pizzas that call out to you or the dramatic view of the skyline against the waterfront that makes you fall in love with Chicago – or maybe it can’t be narrowed down to any one thing. Whatever it may be, when you visit Chicago, be sure to discover it for yourself and see just how special it really is.

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