Things to Do in Fiji

The friendliest island in the world, Fiji is one of the most beautiful islands you will see and a perfect holiday destination ideas with your loved ones. There are white-sand beaches, jungle waterfalls, and coconut, palm trees. The people in Fiji are very tourist friendly and amazing. From Viti Levu to Nadi to Mamanucas there are beautiful places in Fiji. To make your trip easier, we will rank the Fiji attractions so that you can visit them.

Fiji attractions

Viti Levu

The official capital of Fiji, Suva and tourist capital, Nadi where all the international flights coming via Air Pacific lands are both in this  Fiji attraction place, Viti Levu. As soon as you land, book a taxi from Nadi International Airport and visit the  Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which is located in the  Sabeto Range’s forested foothills. The  Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a botanic sanctuary having  Zen-like lily ponds and vanilla-scented orchids. You can also stay in the Fiji Orchid resort. There are six elegant Fijian-style bungalows called bures which has tent-like roof and glass roofs.

Fiji attractions


If you want to pick up some Fijian things, welcome to this Fiji attraction place. The open-air market holds traditional Fijian crafts like hand-painted saris, wooden kava bowls, and scepter-like cannibal forks. Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple is a beautifully painted Hindu temple. Don’t miss having an Indo-Fijian feast that has spiced roti and fish curry.



If you want to view this Fiji Attraction place, it is advisable to have a tour in a helicopter from Nadi International Airport to the islands of Mamanuca. You can see many islets that are stretching from Vitu Levu for miles. Don’t miss watching Monuriki, which was made famous by Tom Hanks in Castaway. Also, watch them on a multi-day cruise for the best experiences.


Ever seen people fire-walking? Visit this Fiji Attraction place. It is located on the southern coast of Vitu Levu. It has many dives sites and boat rides for 5-20 mins in the shore. You can see ghost pipefish, blue ribbon eels, pelagics, and seahorses etc. It is where the Sawau tribes live who master in fire-walking, the traditional culture. Make sure you visit  Lalati Resort and Spa and have a look at the fire-walking ceremony where you can see people walking over embers from earth oven.

Fiji attractions

Vanua Levu

There are beautiful resorts and stellar beaches in this Fiji Attraction place. You can also see the traditional life in the villages. A must do thing in Fiji is kava drinking in Nukubaluvu Village and take part in gift-giving or sevu-sevu ceremony. Don’t miss dancing with the grass-skirted warriors who do a wild traditional and mesmerizing dance.


Do you know Justin Hunter? The person who spent past decade to cultivate amazing and unique pearls in the Savusavu Bay’s pristine water. You can find them in a lot of resorts and stores in this Fiji Attraction place. You can also have a bath here. The sight is the beautiful and absolute pleasure to eyes to see the water in the bay.

Fiji attractions

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