Things to do in Nablus Palestine


Nablus-59832So you have ventured your self to the city of Nablus in Palestine and you are wondering just what to do to spend your time. You’ll be happy to know that there are varied options of things to do and ways to spend your time while here nestled in the Middle East. A few ways to spend time in Nablus include:

Take time to visit the Samaritan Community 

A top of Mount Jarzim in Nablus is the home of the Samaritan community. The Samaritans believe that Mount Jarzim is the first place to ever be created by god. Ostracised by the earlier Jewish communities this Jewish sect now only has 700 followers left and is an interesting element of Jewish religiosity to learn about. There is a small museum that details the history and traditions of the Samaritan community.

Discover Little Damascus 

Nablus was definitely molded after the Islamic empires capital of Damascus. Working in Nablus in the 10th century geographer Al – Mugaddasi dubbed the city “Little Damascus.” Nablus is filled with fantastic architecture – such as mosques, balconies and public drinking fountains – mixed with the narrow alleys of the old city. Wanders around little Damascus’s narrow streets will uncover some great finds in terms of cafes and shops and make a fantastic locale to enjoy some black, Palestinian coffee.

Eat some fantastic Kanafeh 

Kanefeh is a sweet pastry made of thin wheat shreds and warm goat cheese that is soaked in a sugary syrup. A great place to try this distinctly Middle Eastern delicacy is the Al Agsa pastry shop which is a constantly busy bakery that also serves great coffee too. If you ask locals what really makes Nablus a unique city – locals just might answer you: “the Kanefeh.”

Spend some time in a Hammam

A Middle Eastern tradition is the Hammams which is a Turkish style steam, bath and massage fusion together. A great way to feel truly clean and to relax a Hammam is also away to connect with the local culture. Hammam esh Shifa, located in the old city and built in 1624 is a great place to enjoy a steam bath. This location still retains many of the original features that it had back in its inception.

See Olive Soap being made 

Nablusi soaps are very renowned consumer items across the Middle East. The soaps sheer simplicity, being made of three simple ingredients: water, virgin olive oil, is what creates an appeal for them.  An intriguing experience is to arrange to see this soap being made in its original process. After you have seen it being made you can purchase bars as well.

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