Tips for Blogging on the Road

A perfect combination of travel experience and literary talent, on-the-road blogging is a great way to tell the world how you see the destinations you visit. Thanks to thousands of traveling bloggers, tourists can get first-hand impressions and use bloggers’ tips to make their own travels more enjoyable. However, writing a blog about your trips is not an easy task, so sit back for a few minutes and learn from us how to write on the go.

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Back to paper

Although there is hardly a place in the world that does not offer at least some sort of Internet connection, you should be prepared for such a situation. In order to ensure that your writing flow does not bump into an obstacle, always bring paper notebooks with you. They can serve as great, tangible add-ons to your gadgets. Also, drawing sketches and pictures could be a great way of depicting a certain event or attraction on the road. And if one day you decide to publish a hard-copy travel book, those notes and sketches could be a great visual addition.

Write parts in advance

Writing on the go can cause certain problems when it comes to deadlines. No matter if you are a sole blogger or you write for a site owned by someone else, you have to publish your blog posts regularly. However, when traveling from town to town on a daily basis, it is not always possible to follow that pattern. To avoid breaking the deadlines, do some research and writing in advance. For instance, when you decide what historical buildings and museums you are going to visit, write short historical introductions for them before you leave your home. Just leave the slots for your personal, on-the-spot impressions and write them in once you get there. That way you will be able to post on a daily basis.

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Activate your apps

Visiting many places in as little quality time as possible is a dream-come-true scenario for every traveler. Travel bloggers are even more eager than ordinary tourists to fill their itineraries with dozens of spots, so that their blogs look rich and their experiences exciting. Luckily, today we all have pocket-fitting gadgets that can help us plan every single details of our journey. From hotel booking, plane tickets to reserving cheaper tickets for different attractions, smartphone travel apps can really help bloggers make the most of their trips.

Mind the equipment

Using a lot of different items of equipment will give your blog posts a bona-fide touch. However, bringing too many pieces to a multi-spot journey could lead to some unpleasant experiences. It might happen that your laptop stops working or the camera breaks down. Such a mishap could ruin all your effort. This is why a committed and serious nomad blogger always have some spare computer part money in their travel budget, for immediate items such as a mouse, a web camera or a keyboard.


Photographs – a blogger’s alibi

You can write thousands of words about the Eiffel’s Tower, but they will not be convincing if you do not prove that you have been there with a set of genuine photos. Only when your readers see your photos or your original videos at those destinations will they become more interested in your blogging work. Of course, you can use your mobile or tablet to make photos, but we recommend a more serious approach, which is getting a proper camera for your trips. You could even describe what camera you are using on the road and share your opinion about it. It will also help you leave an impression of a serious and experienced blogger; higher credibility generates more blog visitors.

Use social media

Being a blogger is impossible without proper social media coverage. No matter if it is the king of photos – Instagram, the omnipresent Facebook or the governor of short witticism – Twitter, using social media will give your fans a chance to learn about your travel in real time. Also, you will be able to establish instant communication with the people you meet along the way. Their comments on your social media profiles will help your posts look even more genuine.

Travel enthusiasts should not keep their experiences to themselves. By writing about their adventures, they will help other travelers, as well as become part of the global network of travelers. In the end, it will enrich their future travels and their lives in general.

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