Top 3 Things To Do in Enfidha

Looking for a unique place to spend your next vacation? You’re in luck – Enfidha is the ideal destination. It may be small in population (just 10, 000 residents live in this town!) but it is quite popular with tourists. Located in the northeastern part of Tunisia, Enfidha flights are often a stopover on the way to some seriously stunning tourist spots. Thanks to the nearby Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport, this town is accessible…and memorable, too!

If you happen to find yourself in this neck of the woods, you’ll want to spend your time right. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry…we’ve made planning your travel itinerary even easier. Here are the 3 best things to do during a trip to Enfidha.

  1. Visit The Ancient Ruins of Uppenna

One of the most notable sights around Enfidha has to be the ancient Uppenna. This can be found in the nearby area of Henshir Fraga, which is just 8km north of the stopover town. So, what exactly is Uppenna? It was once the centre of the Byzantine church in the 4th century AD. Back then, the church was dedicated to the Christian martyrs who lived in the surrounding area. Today, the spot contains ruins of a fortress and church. The latter contains plenty of colourful mosaics for visitors to enjoy.

  1. Take a Day Trip To Takrouna

Enfidha is well travelled for a number of reasons, including the fact that Takrouna is nearby. Many people who spend time enjoying the sights and sounds of Enfidha like to leave a little room in their schedules for a day trip to Takrouna as well. This area can be found in the Dorsal Mountains and is one of the few Berber settlements left. What can you do while you’re there? Enjoy the incredible view of the plains of Kairouan and the Gulf of Hammamet, for starters! Then there is the Takrouna Rock itself, along with cafes, gift shops, and even a small museum that offers information about the area. You are certain to enjoy the views and the history during your trip over to this breathtakingly beautiful area.


  1. Enjoy The Local Attractions

It’s true – tourists most commonly use Enfidha as a place to stop and rest before moving onto another town, attraction, or even the airport. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to see and do during your stay there! You can easily spend a couple of days enjoying the local cafes and restaurants. With a relaxing atmosphere, you can also re-charge before heading out on one of those incredible day tours to nearby cities. Another way to spend time in Enfidha? Head on over to the local museum. It is located in an old Christian church that has since been converted to a small showcase of local artefacts. There are pieces there that have been linked to Berber, Carthaginian, Roman, and Christian history.
When you think exciting travel destination, your first thought may not be Enfidha…. but maybe it should be! If you’re looking to visit somewhere with a rich history that is a little out of the box, there is simply no better place to go.

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