Top 5 Foods to Eat When Visiting Texas

Texas is a hot-bed of fantastic food, with a huge variety of different tastes and foods to experience when you visit. Whether you’re there visiting family or on vacation, you need to get some of the local grub. Make sure to plan your holiday in advance, Flights24.com has deals on Southwest flights that are worth checking out.


So without further ado, here is the top 5 Texas foods to eat when you travel there:

Where better to start than with the official state food of Texas, Chili. Chili is a stew that consists of chili peppers, onions, garlic and cumin. Outside of Texas most chili will contain beans and tomatoes, but in original style Texas chili will contains no beans or tomatoes, that is how you know that you are getting authentic Texas chili.

The meat in a real Texas Chili will be Beef and Beef alone.

Beef Brisket
Carrying on with the Beef theme from the chili, the next on our must eat list when travelling to Texas is Beef Brisket, you may have had Beef Brisket before but you’ve never truly experienced it till you have had it Texas style. Brisket is meat from the breast of a cow. This is then cooked in a steak-like fashion.

Texas style Beef Brisket is seasoned with chili powder, salt, onion powder, ground black pepper, sugar and dry mustard. This gives the beef brisket that special spice that only a true Texan Beef Brisket could contain.

Make sure you try it in a proper Texan mom and pop restaurant.

Frito Pie
Frito pie is another symbol of Texan cuisine and can be sampled in many restaurants across the state.

Frito pie consists of the basic ingredients of chili, corn chips & cheese. Although there are a huge variety of extra ingredients that are used in different interpretations of the dish across Texas, from salsa to rice. Make sure you try a few different varieties of the dish as different restaurants will have there own take on this classic dish.

Chicken Fried Steak
Simple but a classic, no trip to Texas is complete without trying this delicious Texas staple.

Fried meat is a mainstay of southern and especially Texan culture with every imaginable meat being fried, going back to the days when a Texan would go out to hunt his evening meal and then it would be fried. Of course today you don’t need to hunt your food and can visit any restaurant.

Chicken Fried Steak is the very definition of a must have dish when visiting Texas.

Beef Jerky
We round of our list with one of the great Texan snack foods, Beef Jerky.
Beef Jerky is meat that has been cut into strips, trimmed of fat and then dried. This creates a delicious chewy snack food that is quintessentially Texan.

To be enjoyed in a wide variety of situations, during a barbeque, at a sporting event or just from a snack bar on the side of the road Beef Jerky is a great food to enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip through the top 5 Texas foods to eat when you travel there and make sure you try one or all of these foods when you visit the great state of Texas.

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