Top 5 Things to do in Egypt


Boasting 5000 years of civilisation and several archaeological delights along with beautiful coastlines and a favourable yearlong climate, Egypt is an ever-popular destination for holidaymakers.

Egypt Holidays can combine rest and relaxation with learning and discovery. With numerous activities and attractions on offer, here are the top five things to do in one of Africa’s most captivating and alluring countries.

sphinxDiscover the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza

Although this is one of the most obvious excursions, it is also one of the best. Heralded as the world’s oldest tourist attraction, the stunning pyramids made from millions of limestone blocks must be seen to be believed.

While the half-human, half-lion Sphinx is a wondrous sight to behold, it is highly recommended to hire a guide who can teach you more about the history and stories behind this magnificent site.

Visit Luxor’s archaeological sites

Even though the amount of tourists and travellers can be a little overwhelming, Luxor is well worth a visit. Built on the site of Egypt’s ancient capital Thebes, Luxor has been described as the world’s greatest open air museum.

Visitors can take in the popular temple ruins of Karnak or head across to the other side of the River Nile to visit various monuments and tombs. These attractions on the West Bank Necropolis include the Valley of the Kings, the place where Tutankhamun was buried.

Explore the desert

Egypt’s Western Desert seems like an infinite open space, but is perfect for a traveller looking for some adventure.

Making use of off-road vehicles, quad bikes and even camels, go on an organised trip and explore empty desert villages and yet more UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Red Sea boat trip

If the magnificent beaches along 800 miles of Red Sea weren’t enough, why not take a boat trip to fully appreciate this beautiful stretch of water?

The marine life and coral reef make diving and snorkelling a wonderful experience, while cooling off from the immense heat with a swim in the sea is a welcoming prospect.

mosques-and-sunset-in-cairo-egypt-glen-allisonUncover Cairo

Egypt’s capital and Africa’s biggest city hosts everything from traditional Islamic architecture to a busy contemporary street life. Highlights include Khan el Khalili market, the Citadel, the Egyptian Museum and Al Azhar Park.

So if you’re looking for more than just a beach holiday this summer you may want to consider Egypt. Combining culture, history and outstanding natural beauty there is something for everyone within the cultural melting pot that has fascinated the west for decades.

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  1. Great experiences to have. I have done three of these five. Need to visit the Red Sea since it is highly recommended by my Egyptian friends.

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