Top 5 Things to Do on Vacation in Australia

Australia is the real definition of magical, fun and awesomeness. OZ is so amazing and intriguing despite the fact that it is big and might not give you a chance to explore each and every corner, however if you’re looking at Travelbag holidays to Australia there are things that you must do and see or you won’t consider your vacation complete. The beauties of this land will make you feel at home, away from home and will keep you coming again and again.


Here are the top 5 things we think you should see and do while in Australia:

1. Experience the Great Barrier Reef
It is the largest coral reef in the whole world thus a very spectacular site that has made it to the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. This amazing feature is home to millions of marine life species, dozens of unique islands and dozens of the most beautiful beaches on earth. Here you will have the most terrific diving experience where you will have a rare opportunity to swim with the marine wildlife. This is as intriguing as you get to mingle with dolphins and other friendly marine life at a close range. If you don’t know how to dive worry not, for there are firms that will teach you from scratch thus making it even better.

2. Visit the Opera House
You will marvel at the beautiful scenery of architecture as you cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can have a guided tour around this place that will inform you and excite you too. Tour bookings can be made at the Sydney Opera House where you can also enjoy live performances of music and arts. Here there are special spaces offered as venues for events and you can have your desired activity.

3. Visit the Gold Coast
Holiday vacations are never complete without a proper beach moment. Australia has got it all, this place has numerous lovely beaches with hospitable locals that will have you mingling freely, enjoy their local cuisines and may be have a drink at their local joint as you relax and enjoy the breeze of the ocean. In addition you will have a chance to see Tamborine Rainforest, the Kangaroo Sanctuary and visit the Gold Coast Turf Club.

4. Surf in the Great Waters
This will give you the best experience to water sport and basic fun that is a day to day activity by the Australian community. You can have the most exciting encounter with strong and real waves that will thrill you and scare you the same time. Here you will get surf boards for learners if you have never gone surfing before thus have fun nevertheless.

5. The Great Melbourne Day Tours
This is a tour that will blow off your mind as it offers a chance for groups, and private organizations great sightseeing expeditions and excursions around Australia. The Great Ocean Road is one you will most definitely wish to be longer as it will unwind the touring magic you have never experienced before.

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