Top Attractions of Dubai

dubai-marinaDubai is a city that is located along the coast of United Arab Emirates. It is amongst the world’s newest tourist attraction destinations. This city is known for its highly developed infrastructure. Due to the fact that the oil reserves in United Arab Emirates will depleted in the near future, the authorities in this nation embarked on serious investments in the tourist sector. Apart from a few natural attractions in Dubai, the most fascinating sites in this City are artificial. The top five attraction sites in Dubai city include: Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Island, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Mall.

Burj Al Arab is considered as the only seven star hotel in the world. Its shape resembles a dhow sailing in the sea. Dhow is a sailing ship that is used to transport merchandise in the Arabian Gulf. This structure is today considered as the icon for Dubai. This seven star hotel offers amongst the best tourism and accommodation services and facilities in world.

The second most iconic structure is in this city is the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building today. It is about eight hundred and twenty eight meters tall. This building hosts offices and residential accommodation. The building also hosts Armani Hotel. The guests while standing on the ‘Observatory Deck’ which located in the 124th floor of the building, have the opportunity to have a fascinating view of the Dubai city and its skyline.

Thirdly, amongst the top five sights in Dubai is the Palm Island. Palm Island is an artificial island whose shape resembles a palm tree. This Island is today considered as the eighth wonder of the world after the famous wilder beast migration in East Africa. The Island hosts a number of residential and commercial buildings. It also has luxurious homes consisting of their own private beaches. A luxurious Atlantis is located at the crescent of the Palm Island. The Atlantis consists of Resort housing and the Palm Hotel. The well known ‘AquaVenture Water Park’ is located in within the Resort housing and the Palm Hotel.

The fourth most Iconic structure in the Dubai City is the Dubai Marina. This is considered as the world’s largest artificial marina. In this marina tourists have the opportunity to enjoy deep-sea fishing. The guests can also enjoy a variety of water based activities.

These activities include: parasailing, skiing and wind-surfing among others. The Marina is also has a public beach; considered among the best. Dubai Marina also has very many shopping sites and cafeteria mainly offering European dishes

The last of the top five sights in Dubai is the Dubai Mall. This also contains the Dubai Fountain. This shopping mall and fountain are located at the base of Burj Khalifa. The Shopping mall is considered as the largest in the region. It offers a wide variety of shops which have the most recent fashions and family activities. It accommodates an Entertainment Zone and an indoor ice-skating.

This mall also consists of the Dubai Aquarium and an Underwater Zoo. Dubai is a true paradise of the world’s most iconic structures.

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