Top Places To Visit In Secunderabad

Popularly referred to as the twin town of the far-famed Hyderabad, Secunderabad was named once Asaf Jahi Dynasty’s third Nizam, Sikandar Jah. Secunderabad contains a wealthy cultural background, as you’ll realize the place to be home to several communities with the exception of the natives. Anglo-Indians and Parsis live here. Having been developed by British directly throughout their rule, the buildings within the town and also the life form of the individuals are influenced by British. Massive military institution was maintained here throughout British rule. You will love your vacation in Secunderabad, because the place allows you to have an insight of the bygone era. Here, we’ve listed the top places to go to in Secunderabad.

Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort represents the architectural wonders of an era that had identified no fashionable technology. Quite eight centuries previous, the history of the fort is alleged to possess begun somewhere round the year 1143. Golconda fort lies at an altitude of on top of four hundred feet on a hill. It had been designed by Kakatiya kings throughout thirteenth century. The planet far-famed Kohinoor diamond was found here. The fort, that was ab initially created of mud, under went varied renovations over the years till it became n almost impregnable fort made from granite throughout the amount of Qutub Shahi folk. It finally fell into the hands of mighty Aurangazeb who had to attend for 9 long months to win the fort over with the assistance of a traitor. The acoustics effects within the fort are beautiful because the sound of hand clapping created at the entry gate is detected a klick away at Bala Hissar, the very best purpose. The system was purported to are developed to warn the royals of enemies’ attack. you’ll visit the fort within the evenings to observe the sound and light-weight shows.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake is a man made wonder. The lake connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It was absolutely made in 1562 throughout the amount of Abraham Quli Qutub sovereign. The perennial water within the sprawling lake encourages numerous water sports. A number of the water sports obtainable here embody water travel, para sailing and sport. A 16-meter tall Buddha sculpture product of white granite, that stands at the centre of the lake, adds attraction to the spot. If you’re additional for the wonder than the water sports, you’re absolute to love the sight of Hussain Sagar in the dead of night. The row of lights glimmering along the sides fit diamond-studded jewelry.


The terribly sight of this delta region can fascinate nature lovers. Made in coconut grooves and therefore the beautiful landscape are a true feast to the eyes. The awing leafage and therefore the made landscape that surrounds the region flaunt the gift of Mother Nature. A number of the traditional temples within the region are fine specimens of the branch of knowledge grandeur. don’t miss visiting the beacon light settled within the mangrove forest whereas cruising within the waters here.

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is one of the most popular pilgrim destinations in India. The temple is situated on Kalapahad hill and it is devoted to God Venkateswara. It was constructed by Raja Baldev Birla. The white marble construction is proof of amazing architecture with a blend of South Indian, Utkala and Rajasthani styles. The delicate carvings in the temple highlight the artisanship involved in the making of the temple. Located at a height of 280 feet, the temple offers spectacular views of Hussain Sagar Lake, Birla Planetarium and Lumbini Park.

Trimulgherry Fort

Now functioning as a military hospital, Trimulgherry Fort had in the past was comprised of arsenals, barracks, stables, military offices and mess houses. The fort was constructed in the year 1867. It is surrounded by 4.82 km deep canal. It stands proof of the architectural brilliance of the period.


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