Top Sights in the USA

New York

The top sights in the USA are:

1. Statue of Liberty: The first and most important tourist destination on any American tourist mind is the Statue of Liberty located in the Hudson River just south of Manhattan. The ferry from the southern tip of Manhattan and the time spent with fellow travelers at State of Liberty make it a truly spectacular introduction to America.

2. Empire State Building: Located in midtown Manhattan the tallest building in New York is the most popular tourist attraction in New York as is evident from the long lines to buy tickets outside. The sights of the city from the top are just extraordinary and at night the top of the building is lit up with a set of three different colored lights that change throughout the year.

3. Times Square: No place embodies the dazzle and spectacle of America better than Times Square. The hundreds of billboards, street vendors, restaurants, people taking pictures, and the world’s biggest theater district all around it make it one of the most extraordinary sights for any American tourist.

4. Niagara Falls: Located a few hours north of New York at the US-Canadian border are the massive Niagara Falls. A must see sight for any American traveler the falls are just spectacular and you can also go by boat right to the bottom of the falls. Don’t leave the east coast without visiting them.

5. Mount Rushmore: Probably as popular as the State of Liberty is the monument of Mount Rushmore representing the first 130 years of American Freedom. Located in South Dakota the monument has the carved faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln on granite. The feeling while looking at the monument is none other than liberty and joy.

6. Las Vegas Strip: Those dazzled by the lights of Times Square will truly fall in love with Las Vegas, the largest collection of neon lights in the world capital of gambling and entertainment. The strip is the tribute to the celebrated American life and provides the best entertainment the world can offer.

7. Grand Canyon: Located a few hours outside of Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon and the scale and beauty of the canyon are one to behold. There are tours via helicopter as well as the now extremely popular skywalk over the canyon from where you can look vertically down at this breathtaking sight.

8. Disneyland Park: One of all time favorite destinations of the West Coast is the Disneyland Park in LA. Popular with kids and adults alike, a day spent at this wonderful park makes you fall in love all over again with America. The rides, the picnic like atmosphere and the relaxed atmosphere all make your day truly blissful.

9. Hollywood Sign: The big HOLLYWOOD sign on Mount Lee just outside of Los Angeles is like a welcome sign to Hollywood to any visitor. An enchanting sight that fills you with the thoughts of the glamour and grandness of the American Movie industry. A must see sight in Los Angeles.

10. Golden Gate Bridge/Fisherman’s Wharf: The Golden Gate bridge is an iconic suspension bridge located in San Francisco. It is the most popular tourist destination in San Francisco and the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood located very close to the bridge make for a perfect tourist destination to experience together and make for a perfect evening out.

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