Top Things to do on Holiday in the UK This Summer

Something many of us seek on vacation is a little adventure. Simply looking and taking photos of famous landmarks isn’t for everyone – holidays represent an ideal opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do at home. If heading to the UK this summer, then you could find just the thing to keep your adrenaline pumping and ensure that you get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Here are just a few activities going on guaranteed to keep your adrenaline:

image03Rat Races

In the UK, there are many places which are ideal for getting out, putting on your best running shoes and trying to set new fitness goals for yourself. The first event of three this summer is a 165-mile mountain bike ride that goes from the Cumbrian coast to the seaside town of Scarborough.

The first events took place from 12-14 July, and at the time cost around £400-£410 per person. The prices are similar for the next two events, which will involve a combination of biking, swimming and cross-country running. They both take place later on in August – one being in Glasgow, the other in Stockton-On-Tees.

Questars series

Just as challenging but no less exciting, the Questars series of races provide a stern test of your physical prowess. There are two types of obstacle course you can try:

  • Duo – one mainly for novices, this comprises of two stages – trail running and mountain biking

  • Trio – a little more difficult, this involves a third stage – kayaking


To prepare for it, you need to bring some waterproof clothes, running shoes, shorts and a vest, especially for the running stage. You also need to book quickly, as the next event is in Severn Valley on September 7th – a brand new location for this year’s events.

One-day adventure races cost £45 for Trio and £36 for Duo, while two-day events are £89 or £79 if you book early.


Zombie Evacuation Race

Zombies are ‘in’ at the moment, but until I read this blog post by fancy dress ball, I never thought that the undead and running would work together, but I was wrong! In the UK this summer, there are a few zombie runs you can take part in, either as a zombie or a civilian.

The Zombie Evacuation run, which takes place across the country in October, is great fun, especially if participating as a member of the undead. You don’t have to pay a lot to enter, but be sure to book early, as this gory adventure has become very popular.


Images via: Sportsister, Questars and Fancy Dress Ball.


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