Texas Tourism

Tourist Attractions in Texas

With a lot of cultural attractions, natural assets Texas Tourism are one of the best holiday destinations. There are a lot of landscapes, canyons, mountains and coastal sceneries along the Gulf of Mexico. The famous San Antonio’s superb River Walk, the museums and galleries like Fort Worth, Dallas is not to be missed. Let us see the main places to be included in Texas Tourism.

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The Alamo

One of the most important historic sites in Texas Tourism is the Alamo located on the San Antonio’s Easter outskirts. By 1836, it was a fort. Franciscans started building it in 1744. During the times of Texan War of Independence, it became very famous as when 3000 superior Mexican armies came to attack Texas, the small force barricaded and saved them here.

President Kennedy and the Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

President John F. Kennedy was shot dead by firing from the Texas School Book Depository’s sixth floor in Dallas. The red tall building has now turned into a museum where the detailed explanation of how the assassination took place and legacy of Kennedy is given. The campaign and the term of the president are also highlighted along with historic photos, footages, and artifacts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial is also a Texas Tourism must visit which is a monument which is dedicated to President Kennedy.

Texas Tourism

Space Centre Houston

It is one of the most popular attractions of Texas Tourism which has NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre and Mission Control which is the center of control of the space flights of the company. There are models, film shows, exhibits, astronaut-related artifacts which show the operations which take place in the largest space programs in the world. In the Visitor Centre, there is also a sample which displays the moon rock. There are also objects which were collected during space programs made to Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini. You can also experience space simulator, dress up like astronauts and also watch real rockets.

Texas Tourism

Big Bend National Park

It has three different zones which include the Chios Mountains, the valley of the Rio Grande and Chihuahuan Desert’s desolate landscape. You can view 400 different species of birds and 1,100 varied species of plants in this Texas tourism place. There are hiking trails of 240 miles that have Lost Mine Trail which is 5 miles long and Window Trail along the Chisos Mountains which is 17 miles long. The Rio Grande has three canyons- Santa Elena Canyons, the Mariscal, and Boquillas.

Texas Tourism

San Antonio’s Spectacular River Walk

The best restaurants, shopping centers, attractions, and hotels are in this Texas tourism place. It stretches along the San Antonio River for several miles. It is below the street level and in the pedestrian walkway, you can feel the wind of the river. You can also try river cruise upstream and return back from where you have started. Stop there for a bite and visit the museum. There are a lot of craft shows, festivals and popular art shows taking place here. Make sure you see one of them.

Texas Tourism

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