australian venomous animals

Venomous Australian Animals You Wouldn’t Want to Meet

Australia is the remotest continent of them all, tucked away at the bottom of the world map between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. To outsiders, this piece of land is as exotic as it is indigenous, but regardless of its autochthonous traits, one adjective perfectly describes a myriad of animals which reign there – venomous. Australia has a reputation for its deadly creatures which are designed to be perfect killers, so if you ever get a chance to visit this vast country, there are a few things you should know about its fauna before setting foot on its soil.

australian venomous animals


Frankly, when you come across a spider, snake, or a stinger during your stay, there is a tremendous probability that it is highly toxic. Bear in mind, once these animals encounter humans, they often become scared and enter a self-defensive mode which can have lethal outcomes should you invade their territory. Now, there is no reason to panic and make a big deal out of it, people lived here for centuries and fatal cases are quite rare, but it is always safe to practice caution, nevertheless. The venom of these animals is their secret weapon and they won’t hesitate to use it if need be, so you might as well learn something about it.

australian venomous animals

Venom comes in many forms – some types attack the brain and nervous system (neurotoxic), some attack the cardiovascular system (coagulopathic), some destroy muscle tissue (myotonic), some attack your cell’s molecular structure (proteolytic), while some are known to break down tissue (cytotoxic). There are animals which even have all of these compounds in their venom, so watch yourself! These bites can cause disruption to blood coagulation by either hastening or slowing down its flow, hemorrhaging or clotting, pain, numbness, and many other side effects. If you ever get bitten, it is highly recommendable to catch that culprit creature, otherwise experts in emergency care won’t exactly know what to treat you for.


They roam the lands and waters freely, so it is not uncommon to find them slithering in your home and hidden in dark corners and toilets. They may be a hair-raising thing to behold, but once you do, call a professional to help you get rid of such unwanted scaly guests. There is a wide array of snakes in all manner of shapes and sizes, which also differ by their venom potency. For instance, inland taipans, eastern brown snakes, yellow-bellied sea snakes, coastal taipans, mainland tiger snakes, and many other specimens use poison to debilitate and maim their adversaries, so stay alert!

australian venomous animals


There is one rule for these eight-legged creatures of Australia – the smaller they are, the more venomous they are. You’ve probably seen loads of pictures of spider webs floating about in homes and streets, so prepare yourself to witness it in person. Just don’t invade their space and everything will be alright. Some of the most popular and lethal specimens are Sydney funnel-webs, redback spiders, white-tailed spiders, recluse spiders, Australian tarantulas, etc.

australian venomous animals


Spurs, tentacles, and proboscises, Australia has them. Ranging from bottom feeders on the ocean floor the airborne insects, these creatures can inject some of the most potent venom known to man. Natural selection has designed all manner of creatures which have various stingers while some have even developed teeth. If you ever stumble upon one of these specimens – box jellyfish, European wasp, honey bee, bull ants, stingray, stonefish, cone snail, etc. – caution is of the essence.

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