Water Sports for Cottage Country


Whether your idea of heaven is sitting on a dock or stand up paddle boarding in the lake next to the dock, water plays an integral part to the cottage experience. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own, are visiting a friend or coming from overseas and looking for something different, cottage vacations are the perfect way to unwind and get back to the simple things in life – so start summer dreaming now (remember – Christmas is coming too!).

Below are three great water sport activities for any taste, if you’re bold or you just want to relax. Even though the cottage itself is on land, everyone knows the best times to be had are in the water!


For the Adrenaline Junky – Water Skiing

It’s hard to imagine going to a cottage on the water and not having a boat and a natural fit for the boating enthusiasts are water skis. Strap these bad-boys on, tie a rope to the boat and throttle up – it’s a great way to have some fun in the water and unlike traditional skiing, doesn’t require as much skill.


For the Athlete of Any Ability Level – Stand up Paddle Boarding

These things are so popular right now and once you try it out for yourself, you’ll immediately understand why. Stand up paddle boards are great for anyone who likes to get out on the water and can be either a serious work out or just a fun way to coast along the water’s edge. Grab a few with some buddies and see who really has the most upper body strength, or take to the rapid river waters – this is a truly diverse water sport.


For the Lover of Lazy – The Inner Tube

Don’t knock a classic or the value of this simple, relaxing activity that require next to no skill and can be done with a drink in your hand (or both). While stretching the definition of what constitutes a sport to its extreme, there is no denying how great the days at the cottage are with an inflatable tube.


As in all cases, please take all necessary safety precautions while on the water to ensure you have an enjoyable time and nobody gets hurt. Play smart and safe!

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