Ways to Save Money and Extend Your Trip – Part 2

Nothing beats using your head, and taking a little good advice, to save money and keep a trip going longer and having more fun. The following blog is providing some suggestions of little things that you can do to keep that travel dream alive without only eating bread and water and sleeping on park benches. A few more suggestions to keep a trip going include:

Travel on overnight buses and trains 

If you ever looked at flights you might notice that if you fly at prime times the seats always cost more. While the same is true about buses and trains. So if you want to save money, and if you have some distance to cover, consider taking the overnight train or bus as chances are the ticket will be significantly cheaper. Further, the extra bonus is that you can sleep on the bus or train and save a night’s accommodation too.

Consider Camping out

Now this one, to be honest, will not appeal to all travelers hence the title started with “consider” camping out. Truth be known, you can save loads of cash by staying outside of cities in camp grounds. The only issue is that you will have to have your own tent with you, which could be cumbersome, and you’ll be well away from the delights of the town centres.

Avoid airport/train station/bus station shops and food

These places are always notoriously overpriced. If you need something, and it is at all possible, even just go across the street and you will pay far less.

If you want to do a day of sightseeing look in to buying combo tickets 

Let’s face it, sometimes the highest toll you will pay is for seeing the great sights and museums a city has to offer. Though there is no way to escape this premium completely often there are city saver or combination tickets available to see multiple sights that cut down on the cost of each indivdually. Combine these, if is not already included, with a daily metro ticket as you will be jetting around town.

Avoid peak season

Though for some places, particularly those sold because of their warm weather and beaches, this may not always be advisable consider traveling off peak season. If you do this in cities, where – while it doesn’t matter so much for the attractions (Paris, Amsterdam, London… ) – you will save heaps on EVERYTHING. Hostels, transport will be significantly cheaper and if that is the case the trip can go on…

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