Ways to Save Money on the Road and Extend Your Trip


So you are in Europe and you realize this is the time of your life. Lucky for you that you have an open ended ticket so really it comes down to how long you can extend the trip for. Now of course no one wants to extend the trip by sleeping in a park or only eating two minute noodles but there are steps that you can take to keep your travels safely going longer. Below are a few pointers and suggestions for steps that you can take in order to best make your money last for you on the road.


Be realistic about your money… 

Basically this means make a budget, then immediately add 10% to it because you’ll surely exaggerate how little you will need to spend, and then try your best to stick to this budget. If you do stick to it 80 plus percent of the time you’re trip will extend. Don’t be draconian about it and miss out on worlds of fun one day, because it’s over the budget. Give yourself wiggle room, but have the plan in place.


Buy an ISIC and always ask for discounts – 

Still with a little of the traveler mentality ingrained in me if I want to save money here at home, I’ll ask the bar tender in a bar if there are specials that night – there usually are. Same goes for traveling there are loads of discounts if ask about specials then even more if you can show a student ID. Sometimes individual University Ids will work, sometimes not, so if you have an ISIC card it will work every time.


Plan Ahead – 

Spontaneity is a fabulously fun thing in travel, but pure flexibility also is for the rich. Sure if you have loads of money you can always walk into any hotel or train station and away you go. However, for the “service” of that you probably will be paying twice the price. If you want to stretch the trip try to at least plan plane, train and bus tickets a few days – preferable a week or more – in advance. You will save a tonne of money doing this.


Check your bank on overseas transaction costs and take money out with your bank card

This will not take you long, just a visit to your local bank branch, (unfortunately this you will have to do before you leave – not while you are in Prague) and inquire about the cost of doing transactions abroad. Perhaps your bank can make amendments to your account so you can save loads on over seas transaction fees. Also, forget about exchanging currencies and using traveler’s cheques in foreign countries chances are you will get the best exchange rate with your debit card.


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