Weirdest Museums From Around the World – Part 1

This is a multi part series – to view the second one, click here.

There are some freaking crazy museums out there.

Growing up, you probably associated going to a museum with going to school – you didn’t really want to go because all that happened was you learned about some old boring things that you don’t care about. There are a lot of museums and teachers that belong there, but that is not the norm by far. Truth be known, we as humans have done some pretty weird things over the course of our existence and thankfully there are institutions that preserve those achievements for all to gawk at.

Below are some of the many, many weird museums around the world. While hardly serving as the foundation of any vacation, they will entertain you if for no other reason than saying you went there.

Texas Prison Museum

Leave it to the Texans to have a museum dedicated to the incarceration of convicted felons. Located in Huntsville just north of Houston off the I-45, the Texas Prison Museum is filled with relics and antiques of the prison system for you to marvel at. Perhaps its most famous piece is ‘Old Sparky’, the state’s retired electric chair that dutifully executed hundreds of people in its 42 year career.

Barbed Wire Museum – Kansas and Texas

Because really… you can’t expect the entire history of barbed wire to be contained in just one museum, there is one in Kansas and Texas. Showing off the various uses of the deadly wire, the Devil’s Rope Museum in Texas and Kansas Barbed Wire Museum offer you a look at the true manner in which the west was won. Some of the things crafted out of rusty old barbed wire are quite impressive to say the least.




Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

Yes, another entry from the United States. This one is found within the Science Museum of Minnesota as the original holder of the devices passed away and donated them to this institution. Of considerable entertainment value are those devices that people assumed would cure them based on nothing more than wishful thinking, delusion or a fast talking salesman. It kind of makes you wonder what the future will disprove of ours today!

Smoking Museum

Of course the French would have a museum dedicated to smoking culture. This museum, known as Le Musee du Fumeur, is located in Paris nearby the Voltaire metro stop displays all manner of smoking paraphernalia, from pipes to lighters and everything in between. Art of people smoking, literature and media – this place has it all. For something that has been condemned as a societal evil, this museum does an excellent job of presenting the influence of smoking culture throughout the ages without focusing too heavily on the negative side of it – not an easy thing to do and interesting to say the least.

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