What’s Not to Love About Boston?

There are some great rivalries in the world as far as cities go, with each one claiming to be better than their rival over some of the most trivial, yet passionately defended, reasons one can think up. You can see these rivalries maintained by the residents through their local sports, advertising campaigns and even tourism – indeed, it’s not uncommon for travelers to pick sides in the silliest of debates. Sydney and Melbourne each claim to be the best part of Australia, with the former being better known but the latter claiming to have a better overall ‘feel’ – an argument familiar between Toronto and Montreal, Rome and Florence, and of course – New York City and Boston.

Most people are familiar with New York City in the American popular image, but Boston isn’t to be missed in favour of the Big Apple. Far from it – Boston has a lot to choose from for tourists of all types and budgets, with attractions and an overall feel that is far more relaxed than it’s neighbour to the south. For example:


Quincy Market

As far as markets go, Quincy Market has it all. It’s a very well laid out area with things to buy, see and smell that will make you lose track of time and probably spend all day here. People watching is by far and away the best reason for visiting here, aside from maybe betting some wonderful food.


Fenway Stadium

You may not know the first thing about professional baseball or care about who is playing, but for Americans, few sports are as important to their identity as baseball is and few teams are as significant as Boston’s Red Sox. Their stadium is the oldest in the professional leagues and while it’s not the fanciest place, the history here is unparalleled. The whole reason they haven’t built a new stadium to replace it is because of the history; for many people, Fenway is the definition of baseball stadium – something every sports fan can appreciate. Try to check out a game if you get the chance from April until September, but be aware – if New York is in town, like what was mentioned previously with rivalries, it will be impossible to get a ticket.



Everyone loves the dark side to a city and few places in the U.S. have as dark a history as the little village outside of the main part of Boston known as Salem. It was here where the famed ‘witch hunt’ took place, seeing many women and some men burned at the stake for being accused of demonic practices. Take a tour if you can arrange it, visiting the sites and learning a bit about the ridiculous nature of the trials – you won’t regret it.


New England in General  

Many people call New England their favourite part of the U.S. simply because of the overall feeling. Particularly true in the fall when the leaves change colour, you can just feel wrapped up in the general peace and serenity of the region awash in a sea of reds, yellows and oranges. You might even be tempted to spend a bit more time in the form of Massachusetts vacation rentals so you can enjoy the laid back nature of the U.S.’s east coast. A bit of warning though, you won’t be alone – many New Yorkers make the journey as well in an attempt to escape the urban insanity of their city.

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