Why Not See Europe by Sea?

For hundreds of years, travelling in a boat was the fastest way to get from one point to another. European cities thrived and died by their ports – a nation with access to the Mediterranean could reap the rewards of trade with their neighbours across the sea. Sure, in many ways going by land was safer but until the advent of commercial air travel, but to cross great distances or to reach areas not connected by land, the sea was your ticket to wealth and adventure.

When it comes to the adventure part, not much has changed from then to today.

There are tons of great spots to see throughout Europe by boat with many ferry routes designed to connect you to wherever your heart desires. Unlike in the old days, you can enjoy a peaceful voyage with many of the modern comforts of home while you soak up the rich sea air.

Some people choose to travel only by boat, citing the more intimate and leisurely approach of taking to the sea over going by plane – and they make an excellent point. Airports are high stress areas with numerous security checks, restricted movement and unless you’re lucky enough to be next to a window, virtually nothing to see on your voyage. On a ferry, not only can you move around wherever you want but you are treated to a spectacular one of a kind view of your point of departure (often, the best views of the city skyline are from the sea!). What’s not to love about that?

In addition, many of the ports you may choose to depart from and arrive in are maybe not the same places you would have seen had you been travelling solely through airports. The benefit of this is you do get to see a different side to travel than you otherwise would have travelling by air or even by rail. For travellers looking to do something different, sea travel definitely fits the bill.

With so many ports to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down where to go and what to see, but it really depends on personal preference. Yearn for the scraggy, untamed coasts of the United Kingdom? Desire the warm salty air of Northern Africa? Keen to see the epic coastline of Scandinavia? Chances are there’s a port that can cater to your needs.

While many travellers are hurrying off to their next destination in an effort to see it all, you can do the same but while enjoying a more relaxing pace by sea. In our fast-paced world sometimes we forget that the journey is half the adventure – a fact you can easily be reminded of and soak up when you choose to take a ferry.

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