Why Travel Eastern Europe


Europe is so vast that trying to see all of it in one trip would be a fool hearty pursuit. Generally what happens is that a person traveling the continent would have to decide at minimum whether they are going to travel the east or west of Europe. For the point of rhetoric this article is going to discuss the pros for traveling in the east.

Budapest-aerial_2391504bThe East is less touristy and more authentic 

A lot less visitors to Europe actually travel in the east. For this reason you will end up having a chance to see cities in their natural state rather than altering themselves to try create a tourist friendly image as a cash grab. The city cores of Budapest and Warsaw are going to be authentic reflection of day to day life. As well locals in the east are often excited when visitors come as they enjoy talking about their country and its culture.

The Cost  

Travelers in the east of Europe reap great rewards in terms of the economic advantage that they can enjoy during their trip. Really for the cost of eating a kebab from a kiosk in Paris travelers in the east can often get a sit down meal and drinks. Traveling in the east often means that money is not such a constant on the travelers mind. They feel free and unencumbered to visit all the sites and live it up a little. Not saying that being able to do this is the golden ticket to a great trip, but feeling looser with money and not as worried about the consequences can mean more fun and the chance to extend the trip longer.

Great Cities like Prague, Budapest, and Krakow 

The east of Europe has fantastic cities. Travelers looking for cities that have not been touched during the second war are in the right side of Europe. Prague and Krakow are both fantastic examples of gothic style old towns. Budapest is a city steeped in history that has the size and infrastructure befitting to one of the Europe’s central trade routes to the east. Walking Budapest wide boulevards always showcases the varied castles, gardens, and cathedrals and is well worth seeing. Some of the smaller nations such as Estonia with Talin and Slovenia with Ljubljana also have great capitals that provide a more intimate experience to visitors

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