Why You Should Travel Now


There are a lot of things you should think about putting off until you’re a little older, depending on how old you are of course. Major purchases of material goods come to mind – people think they need all this stuff in order to be happy but the truth is happiness can be in the simplest of places doing the humblest of things. Having that new computer or car may be great in the short term but once that thing gets a bit older it needs replacing and can be frustrating.

Travel is not one of those things.

The brilliance of travel is that it stays with you for the rest of your life, influencing areas that you wouldn’t even think about. The different perspective you gain from seeing something new has enormous payoffs later in life and is one of those things that cannot be measured or compared in the same way as the material.

This isn’t to say material possessions are inferior to those of the mind-expanding kind, but they don’t offer much in the way of opening different avenues of experience. Putting off buying some thing can result in having a better thing later on but putting off travel too long can only lead to regret, even if you don’t realize it directly. Hearing people say ‘I wish I’d travelled more when I was young’ is a more common complaint later in life than ‘I wish I had bought a car in high school’. It’s only after we’ve lived a little that we start to realize how important experiences really are.

A simple reason why travel now is so valuable is that you never know what the future might hold and this can be both frustrating and liberating depending on your outlook. Putting off travel until you’re older and more established will allow you more financial freedom, because for some travel is seen as a luxury. This is true to an extent but seeing the world doesn’t need to be some ridiculous financial burden that would cripple you if you did it too young.

Going travelling when you’re young makes you re-evaluate your priorities and can set you on a different path. What you previously held to be important may be called into questions and lead to you doing something entirely different. Someone who lived a very reserved life but opts to take a year abroad studying, working or just exploring may come back home more adventurous and willing to take risks to better themselves. Narrow mindedness becomes open minded; limited gets expanded and can’t becomes can – just think how doing this can impact the rest of your life!

If you have the chance to take a trip when you’re young, take it. You may regret it in the short term because of the financial hit, but you can always make money later in life – you can’t get your youth back.



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